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W.C.O. NURSING INSTITUTE located at 115 Windward road, Kingston 2, was previously (M.C.O. Nursing Institute) and has been actively engaged in the training of practical nursing /health care assistants, for over, twenty years. The school is officially registered by:

 Ministry of Education (MO.E.)

 C.T.V.E.T. (National council of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

 Registrar of Companies


At W.C.O. our policy is to be impartial to and respect the rights of all students and to accept them as equally valuable or important for the profession they pursue in spite of their age, colour, nationality, social, political and /or Spiritual persuasion or relationship.


We provide for our students, a teaching staff of pleasant and sociable attitude and remarkable teaching technique which is utilized throughout the training process with every available effort to create or instill, in each student a feeling of self confidence and success as together Tutors and students work assiduously to ensure that their respective goals are met in keeping with the school MOTTO: “HARD WORK BRING SUCCESS.”


INTERNAL– Here at W.C.O. there is a Hypertensive – Diabetic Clinic on every fourth Friday of each month, when and in which ALL Students actively participates under the supervision of the Senior Tutor.
EXTERNAL– Students are sent to external Health Care Facilities on a one(1) month Clinical Experience and at the end of their exposure a “Performance Evaluation” on each nurse is sent to us from the Nursing Personnel in charge of the respective facility to which they were assigned.

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Walter W. Wynter

Kimberly Salmon & Lucilda Wynter

James Thomas & Nurse Reynolds
Principal and Vice Principal